I’m doing something new this year.

I am seriously trying to make an effort to be a more positive person. I have every reason to be happy but last year, I let the few negative things going on in my life at the time really bring me down. I don’t want to let that happen this year.

So in effort  to focus more on the positive things in my life, I started what I call my Happy Jar. I’ve seen similar ideas on pinterest and from various youtubers but my plan is to write one good thing that happened each day that either made me happy, that I was thankful for it or even just taught me a lesson, and put it in my jar. I feel like a it’s a good way to for me to actively be positive as opposed to just saying I want to be more positive. It also gives me a use for my super cute jar that I won at a halloween party last year. It’s so cute! It has puppies and kitties in little halloween costumes.

At the end of the year, I’m going to go through them all to reflect on all these things and remind myself to be positive.

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I have a big announcement!

I feel like now that I finally have my life moving in a direction that I want, I am actually becoming more positive and happy as a person. I feel reinvigorated. I’ve rededicated myself to working out, my diet, and dedicated myself to cosmetology school in effort to further my career.

That’s right! I start this month and as of right now, that’s really all I have to report on the subject right now. Though I must say, just getting this whole process started has really renewed my faith in my ability to achieve my goals. I sort of lost my way a little bit but this has reminded me of what I really want to do with my life. I’ll be writing about it on here and posting photos on instagram periodically if you want to follow along.

What are your goals for the year? Let me know in the comments!

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My Killer Workout Schedule

I know I haven’t posted as much as I’d like about my fitness and weight loss journey but that’s because up until now, I haven’t really noticed “enough” of a change in myself. No matter how much I lose, it’s never enough. I post about it more on instagram (@jennalacer0miedo if you care to follow along) than I do on here but I feel like if I write about working out as consistently as I actually do work out, that will help me maintain my level of motivation.

Before I  write anything else, I just want to stress that I am by no means a doctor or a certified personal trainer. This is just what my trainer and I have found works for me. Keep reading if you want know what I do at the gym.

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2018: The Year of Getting Stuff Done

With the new year right around the corner, I have decided there will be none of this “New Year New Me” B.S. I actually really like the woman I have become over the past year. I have learned a lot about hard work, dedication, and perseverance. My main goal for the new year is to continue that trend of self improvement.

My new year’s resolutions are as follows:

  1. Continue to workout every single day. This includes daily cardio, because that’s the fitness aspect I have the hardest time with.
  2. Start and finish cosmetology school.
  3. Stick to my diet.
  4. Use and decorate my planner daily.
  5. Make and stick to a social media schedule. Ex: pick a day each week to post on a specific platform and actually follow through with it.
  6. Get a new camera so I can take better photos for my portfolio and social media.
  7. Pet more dogs.
  8. Use up my massive Lush stash.

In the past, when I’d make new year’s resolutions, I would only try to focus on making drastic, unsustainable changes, but over the last year, I feel like I’ve developed some really good habits, and now my goals are to maintain those. I know 2017 was a disaster in so many other ways but 2017 is also the year that I finally became happy with myself and I want to continue that forward momentum.

Cheers to a better year than last year for everyone!

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Happy Death Day!`

I know I missed three days of blogging this weekend but I have a reason! Not sure if it’s a  good one but I have one! This weekend, I was out of town for my cousin’s wedding and I took a  little side trip to the beach with my parents after the wedding. It was a lot fun. Definitely the reboot I needed after the burn out I’ve been feeling lately.

Anyway! I wasn’t sure what to write about today so I thought I’d give you a quick movie review. If you want to know what I thought of Happy Death Day, just keep reading!


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October Ipsy Bag

So I got my October Ipsy bag in the mail yesterday. I don’t want to spoil anything for anyone else who gets it. So if you want to see what I got in mine, just keep reading.

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The Houses October Built


In an effort to not keep posting the same stuff this month, I’ve decided to come at you with a little movie review. Just keep reading if you want to know what I think about The Houses October Built.

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