Back pain relief experiment results: night 1

Last night I used Salonpas patches and let me say, it worked wonders. The particular patches I used last night come in a package of four. They’re pretty easy to apply. You just peel them off the backing and stick them where ever you hurt. Since I am a bigger girl, I used two patches to cover my area of pain. They use a topical pain reliever. I felt so good last night. I only have two complaints about these. They smell like root beer, which isn’t the worst thing they could smell like, and the patches are very sticky, so when the time to peel them off comes, it’s a little difficult. Because they’re so sticky, when applying them you want to be careful not to let the patch fold over on itself. Once they do that, you will never unstick them. I know that from experience. The package said to keep the patches on for up to 8 hours but I fell asleep wearing them. Maybe taking them off in that time period would have made them easier to peel off? Overall, I really liked these and they worked really well. I would recommend these to anyone experiencing back pain.

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