Tonight commences the back pain relief experiment.

I have been experiencing some very intense back pain the last few months and it has been impacting my ability to sit and create things, whether it be makeup, sculpting, painting, or drawing. I feel like since this has impacted my ability to be creative,  that it would be acceptable to share this on here. It’s painful for me to sit for extended periods of time so that makes it difficult for me to get significant amounts of drawing done in one sitting and not being able to bend at my waist makes it difficult to do makeup because my makeup chair isn’t as high as I would like it to be. So here is the plan. I will be using and reviewing a different back pain relief product every day or so. Tonight I decided to kick off this experiement with the salonpas patch on the top left of the photo in the link. I don’t really know the difference between these products or if there is even a difference at all. My dad just suggested that I buy an assortment and see what works. My dad has never steered me wrong. I will let you guys know how I’m feeling and how this particular patch worked for me tomorrow.

Also, the drawing a day project will be delayed a bit until I can find some relief from this pain.

back pain relief products that I will be trying.

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