Broadway Nails imPress Press on Manicure review

I have been feeling really down lately, with health issues and creative block so I decided to treat myself to a DIY manicure. These are the limited edition Halloween Broadway Nails imPress press on manicure in the zipper pattern. The look like they’re glittery black but if you look closely, they do the ombre thing from black to glitter blue with zipper on top. I got these from RiteAide in the Halloween section. They were 50% off when I got them. I believe they’re regularly $8 for a package of 24.

I happen to love these. They were easy for me to put on. They feel secure. They fit my nails nearly perfectly and the design is cute. So after two and half days of having lovely themed Halloween nails, they finally started to come off on their own. Though admittedly, I was doing house work and feeding a donkey for my grandparents before they started to come off.  When I first put them on, I was a little apprehensive about what state my natural nails would be in when they came off but other than a little left over glue on my nail, they were just as healthy as before I put them on. My only real complaint about them is that I am not used to my nails being so long. I would recommend these to a friend.

my new nails

my new nails

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