I have completed my back pain relief experiment.

So I have completed my experiment and have found massive relief. For me personally, Salonpas in general worked better than the icy hot patches and the muscle relaxers my doctor prescribed. Out of the Salonpas I have tried, the capsicum heat patch and the regular $3 package that comes with 4 smaller patches have worked the best. I used the Salonpas heat patch last night and it worked very well. It’s larger than the other patches so I suggest having someone else help you put it on. Once it was on, it took a few minutes to heat up but once it heated up, it felt amazing and it stay hot all night long. I have also been going to the chiropractor to adjust my back once a week for three weeks now. I should warn you, if you go to a chiropractor, you’re probably going to be sore after your first visit. No one told me that when I started going. It was scary to me because I felt better immediately after but I hurt so much worse than before a few hours after. As I have continued to go, I’ve felt progressively better and less sore after each visit.

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