My MAC monster palettes and lipstick have arrived!!

Two posts in one day? I am a mad woman! I am so excited about these! I  received The Monster’s Bride and Spider Queen eye shadow palettes and a satin lipstick in the color Cyber in the mail Monday morning!  I couldn’t do swatches or any looks that day because my brushes were just cleaned and still drying. The eye shadow palettes have a good mix of mattes and shimmery colors. Both palettes have the Carbon black eye shadow but the Spider Queen palette has purples and greens while the Monster’s Bride palette has browns and a green.

Here are swatches from the Spider Queen eye shadow palette in natural light. The colors from left to right are lime, a really nice matte yellow green, moss a darker green with a gold shimmer, deep purple has a blueish shimmer, Indian ink, a matte darker purple, and carbon is just black.


Here are swatches of the monster’s bride palette in natural light. Left to right Mylar a very pale fleshy kind of matte color (I would use it for a highlight), omega, a matte darker brown, bitter, a bright yellow green with gold shimmer, club, a dark green with blue shimmer, brun, a matte dark brown, and carbon is black.


And here is the cyber satin finish lipstick.


I am sorry I haven’t done any Halloween looks. Personal issues I wish not to discuss in such a public forum got the way of me doing any substantial special effects work done this season and laptop technical issues got in the way of posting what I did. I’m posting this from my phone because I wanted to share my monstery goodness with you, but don’t worry! Horror special effects are my favorite to do so I will be doing them, and sharing them all year long!

Happy Halloween!

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4 Responses to My MAC monster palettes and lipstick have arrived!!

  1. I love that acid green color!


  2. Must Have Boxes says:

    I’m loving these palettes!

    – KW

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