Catching up and hair dye review

Long time no blog!

I’ve been really busy with personal issues and work. I do not wish to discuss them in detail publicly.

Anyway! I’ve decided it’s time to get back to blogging now that things have mellowed out a bit. I know I say this every time I post something new, but I really want to blog more often blog about more than just beauty things. I don’t know if anyone really reads this but it’s sort of therapeutic and cathartic to me.

Anyway, as some of you may know, I’ve been dying my hair varying shades of blue and purple for over a year now. I just gave myself a coconut oil treatment and redyed my hair a few weeks ago using a dye that is new to me.

I’ll tell you about the coconut oil treatment first since that’s what I did first. I bleach and dye my hair a lot. I basically treat my hair like crap. Before I did this treatment, my hair was really dry. When I would brush out my tangles, it would do this weird springy thing and bounce back from the brush into a bigger tangle. A friend of mine suggested I try coconut oil. She gave me some but she just got it from Trader Joe’s. It’s the same stuff you cook with. Coconut oil kind of trips me out. When it’s cold, it’s kind of a gooey, slimy solid and when you put it on your hands, the heat from your hands melts it and turns it into sort of a conditioner type consistency. All I did was work it through my hair and left it in over night with a shower cap on. In the morning, I washed it out in the shower and let my hair air dry. I felt a huge difference once my hair was completely dry. It was much softer. It didn’t feel so dead. I would definitely recommend coconut oil to anyone who bleaches and dyes their hair a lot.

I waited a couple of weeks after the coconut oil treatment to dye my hair. I used Crazy Color in Hot Purple. It’s a U.K. brand and new to me. The lady who suggested it to me at Nigel’s Beauty Emporium said they had just got it in a few days ago. I did my usual hair dying process. I sectioned off my hair, applied the dye to my dry hair and left it in for two hours.


This was my hair the day after the night I dyed it. It was such a beautiful, vibrant, bright purple. I’ve dyed my hair purple before but it’s never turned out this purple. I’ve decided this is now my go to purple hair dye. The only “if-y” thing for me is it fades really fast but it fades to this beautiful blue color so I’m not really too upset that it fades so fast. I’ll post a photo of the faded color when I take a decent one.

OH! Also (this doesn’t have anything to do with beauty or hair but it does have something to do with my face so I thought I would share) I have my septum ring back!! For those of you who do not know, I got my septum ring back on April Fool’s Day of 2013. I grew very attached to it. It fell out when I was on vacation in Orlando, Florida over Thanksgiving break. It actually fell out when I was on Space Mountain. Anyway! Last Wednesday, a friend took me to a tattoo shop in LA to see what they could do about it. The piercer at the shop said they’d either have to repierce it if it had healed completely or use a taper to stretch it back open. Well, it turns out there was only a thing layer of skin and the hole wasn’t healed completely so we proceeded to stretch it open with a series of tapers increasing in size. I was prepared to deal with the pain of getting it repierced but getting it streched open was a whole different kind of pain. Initially, the stretching hurt less than a piercing but then I realized that was just the first taper. He ended up going in and out with several tapers. With each increasing size, the pain increased. I had a stop him a couple of times because I thought I was going to pass out. I am just thankful I had a hand to hold when it hurt really badly. When we started this whole process, I was under the impression that he was only going to stretch it to a 16g, but he ended up going all the way to a 14g, which is what I had originally. I am so glad he went to 14g because it hurt so badly and I don’t think I could have stretched it up on my own.

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