of petting jelly fish and other sea creatures.

So I ended up at the aquarium yesterday. I had a lot of fun. We saw all sorts of sea creatures. My favorites were the sharks, saw fish, the anemones, and  the moon jellies.

The touch pools were definitely my favorite things we got to do. I got to pet sting rays, bonnet head sharks, star fish, green anemones, and moon jellies.

That’s right.

I pet a jellyfish and lived to tell the tale.

I learned a lot on this adventure. I learned that when you pet a sea anemone, it sticks to you because it’s trying to sting you but it isn’t strong enough to break through human skin. I also learned that moon jellies won’t hurt you. They eat plankton and small fish so their sting isn’t strong enough to hurt people either.

What if moon jellies really are from the moon and they came to Earth in space submarines??

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