regarding old people and manners.

I had a relatively good Easter. I decorated some amazing eggs, I spent time with my family, but I also had an experience that really bothered me.

I have had my nose pierced for over a year now. Up until this past Sunday, I had never had a negative experience with it. On Easter however, my cousin’s mother in law walked up to me and just gave me the dirtiest look for a good, solid few minutes. She was all “apologetic” and blamed her not being used to it and staring at me on being old.

I didn’t want to cause a scene on Easter so I just told her I’m used to it, that it didn’t bother me and all that jazz. The truth is it really did bother me. Some how this old bat managed to make me feel less than human because of my piercing. I’ve had tattoos since I was 20 years old and my nose pierced for over a year and never has anyone stared at me with such disgust and disdain. It bothered me a lot. I don’t care how old you are. You should have some manners, or at least enough common sense to not stare at someone’s face with such an ugly look on your face. I wish I would have told her that. I always wish I would have spoken up when people hurt my feelings.

I hate that old people use being old as an excuse to be excessive rude. Do any of my modified readers get this from old people? How do you deal with it?

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