I was scrolling past someone on the internet who was complaining about ALS researchers doing animal testing when they work for MAC cosmetics, which is known to not be cruelty free.
It sucks that (based on what I’ve read. Don’t know how much truth is in this) only 7% of the funds raised go to research, and that they’re utilizing animal testing but this research is going to help a lot of people. What is MAC’s animal testing doing besides making shitty, over prices cosmetics that make my skin break out?

I used to look up to this person as a makeup artist but this kind of hypocrisy bothers me.

Now before you go writing me off as some Cruella De Ville type who hates puppies let me say, I love animals. I am all for animal welfare. However, I also think medical research is very important and very necessary. I know there are alternatives to animal testing and I wish researchers would utilize them, but in all good consciousness, I don’t feel like I have a right to complain because my makeup kit isn’t entirely cruelty free, I eat meat, I wear leather, I have taxidermy animals around my apartment, I want to learn how to hunt.

I also don’t think it’s right to
shame people who donated or did the ice bucket challenge. I did it because I recently learned that I have a family member who has the disease. I didn’t do it to support animal testing. I did it to support a family member.

I believe if you’re going to be a crusader, be one. Don’t half ass it.

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