I don’t know why but recently I’ve been thinking a lot about him, about the day my dear friend, Austin, brought him into my life, about how deeply, and profoundly sad I was and still am about him leaving my life. I loved him more than anything. I truly believe he was my soulmate. I don’t think soulmates are required to be romantically involved. I don’t think they even have to be human but when a soul imprints so intensely and profoundly on your own, when a soul leaves you with such a permanent and wonderful feeling, that’s when you have a soulmate. I also don’t believe we’re limited to one soulmate. By my definition, depending on the people with whom you surround yourself, you could have infinite or even none. I love my cat Smokey so much, even after his departure, because he left such a profound mark on me. The sadness I feel in his absence has made me think these thoughts and these thoughts have made me realize I do believe in soulmates, though not the kind you’re probably accustomed to.

And yes this is mostly about a cat. Not just any cat, but the best cat in the world.

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