My friends and family have been trying to convince me to try out for faceoff on the syfy channel.

On a completely unrelated tangent, I still hate the fact that they changed it from sci-fi to syfy.

And now back to your previously scheduled blog post.

I know I have the talent to get on the show. I know I have the skill to do everything they ask of me. I think what I wouldn’t be able to do is stand there and take the criticism time after time. Being a professional creative type for a living, I understand constructive criticism is part of the job, and I take it to heart by applying what I’m told on a previous job to the next job, but I am also a sensitive person. I pour my heart and soul into each and every creation. Even though I know it will help me in the end, it still sucks to have every little thing that went wrong pointed out to you. To be subjected to that as well as subjected to the scrutiny of the people who watch it, would just be unbearable. I am fully aware of the fact that being critiqued it part of the job of being a creative type. I am working so hard on developing a tougher skin. I appreciate everyone’s kind words and encouragement but at this present moment in my life, I just don’t think I’m ready for Faceoff yet.


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