I had the strangest morning. I was woken up at 6:45am by the incessant ringing of my doorbell. I got up to see who it was and the peephole was covered by someone’s finger. So I went back to bed and they kept ringing the doorbell. I called my friend and asked him to come over but he didn’t. I have no faith in anyone today.

There has only been one other time in my life when I was that afraid and that was the day my ex stole my apartment key and was waiting drunk in my apartment for me when I got home. I’ve been having flash back type things all day. I am fairly certain it can’t be him because I haven’t talked to him since the incident, I moved since then, and mostly because I have a restraining order against him and he’s too much of a selfish prick to get himself thrown in jail again.

This is my home. I am supposed to feel safe here. This feeling of not being safe makes me feel so violated. Everyone I talked to said the same thing. Th general consensus seems to be it was someone who was trying to play a prank on someone they know but got the wrong door.

I don’t care about your bullshit pranks. You don’t come to my door and make me feel unsafe in my own home. I have the means to defend myself and if ¬†who ever it was comes back, you better bet I will defend myself.

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