I seriously need to blog more often.

I’ve been dealing with some medical issues. Nothing serious. It started off a sprained ankle, which still hurt after a month. So I got sent in for a MRI to see if it was a torn tendon, which was a rather interesting experience, and by interesting I mean slightly frightening. After the MRI, I had to wait for my doctor’s appointment.  At that point I was hoping for worst case scenario, which would be surgery because the pain I’ve been experiencing the worst pain up to this point in my life for a couple of months now and I just wanted them to do something about it. The appointment came and the doctor said there was  nothing wrong with my tendon like they suspected.  It turns out that it’s been a sciatic nerve issue the whole time. The doctor prescribed physical therapy but I’m in insurance limbo right now waiting for it to either get approved at this one particular physical therapy office or to find one who will actually work with my insurance. I talked to my chiropractor about it and he emailed a bunch of stretches which have been helping.

I usually have some downtime during this time of year anyway but I’m going crazy. I want to feel better so I can get some work. I’ve been working on a short film I’ve been writing but other than that, I haven’t had much work due to my injury.

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