Lipstick swatches just for fun.

So I was chatting with someone about makeup on a forum I frequent and the subject of lip products came up. We talked about how I don’t always use products that were intended for my lips on my lips because the crazy colors I want aren’t always available as lipsticks. So I decided to swatch all the products I use on my lips.

I have way too many different products that I use as lipsticks so I’ve decided to stagger these posts and share a few at a time.

Firs off!! Super important!! I always moisturize and prime my lips. I use eos lip balm and nyx lip primer pencil before I put lipstick on. Some of the products I use weren’t exactly intended to be used on lips (though it’s safe to use them on lips. I do research before I sling anything on there.) so they tend to be a bit drying so if you use any thing I share in these posts, I high suggest applying a lip balm before applying the color. The lip primer just helps with feathering and bleeding. Though if I’m to be honest, I didn’t apply it for every color because I was just putting it on, taking a photo and taking it off.  I didn’t want to waste anything.

Also, my eyebrows are a mess. I need to shape what I have and they don’t naturally grow in full and I had just gone to Sephora to get color matched and buy new foundation so I didn’t fill them in. It’s so stupid. I can color match other people like nobody’s business but I can’t color match myself for some reason. Shout out to the kind patient lady with the bitchin’ purple eyebrows at Sephora in Bakersfield!

I know these aren’t the best applications but I wanted to share my collection with you guys.


tarina tarantino lipgloss



baby lips



nyx matte lip cream



revlon matte lip balm



makeup forever



toki doki lip marker that is no longer made



a different tarina tarantino gloss



mac cyber



kat von d backstage bambi



stila smudge stick in turquoise

Again, please forgive my terribly rushed application. I just wanted to share colors.


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