My back is feeling so much better these days.

I haven’t been blogging much because between working and taking care of my back, I haven’t had much time to write anything.

I don’t know if anyone reads this but I’ve been suffering from back issues for quite some time. I sprained my ankle a few months ago and that made my back issues a million times worse. I was in the worst pain of my life for a couple of months. I went to several different doctors, who all said I sprained my ankle.  It still hurt like a mother in unmedicated labor 3 months after the initial injury.For a while they thought I tore a tendon, which would have required surgery. I finally went to a doctor who actually did something about it and got a MRI to see if it was indeed a torn tendon. Luckily for me, it wasn’t torn and I avoided surgery.

It turns out that shifting my weight due to my sprained ankle aggravated a nerve in my back. It’s seriously the most ungodly, unbearable pain I have ever experienced in my life. There was a few weeks before the MRI, where I didn’t sleep at all, I was grouchy, and depressed. It was just the worst. I started physical therapy a few weeks ago and I notice a huge difference already. Between going to my chiropractor and physical therapy, I feel so much better, emotionally as well as physically. I was at a point of desperation where I was seriously considering back surgery but I am so glad I didn’t. I highly recommend going the non surgical route if you can. It may take longer to get results, but I feel like for myself at least, it will be better in the long run.

My physical therapy sessions consist of a lot of stretching and core strengthening exercises. I’m hoping to get to a point where I can head back to the gym without being in agony and I believe I am well on my way to achieving that.


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