I saw a couple of movies this week.

I saw Mad Max: Fury Road on Tuesday. I thoroughly enjoyed it. I haven’t seen any of the previous Mad Max films and I don’t think it’s really necessary to watch them to enjoy it. It had a lot of actors who I love, and didn’t even recognize, like Nicholas Hoult and Angus Sampson, because of the makeup and costuming.  As a special effects makeup artist, I feel very inspired by this film. The grimy, dirty makeup was just beautiful to me. It was intense right from the start. The vehicles were bad ass, the stunts were just awesome, and in all of its post apocalyptic grime and grit, it was just an intensely beautiful movie to watch. I loved Nicholas Hoult’s character. 

Yesterday, I was lucky enough to attend an advanced screening of Insidious Chapter 3 sponsored by tumblr. First things first let me just say, tumblr people are the pansiest, most obnoxious, scaredy cats to watch scary movies with. With that said, I enjoyed it. The Insidious films have been some of my favorite horror films made in the last ten years and Chapter 3 did not disappoint. They tied the first two films in to this one seamlessly. I won’t spoil it for anyone else but I will highly recommend seeing it if you’re a fan of the franchise or of horror films.

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