Disneyland 60th Anniversay 24 hour day.

I am currently recovering the 24 hour 60th Anniversay kick off at Disneyland. I am exhausted. I was there from 12pm Friday afternoon until 5am Saturday morning. It was so much fun. I heard about a lot of people complaining about lines and crowds but I didn’t experience any problems. I went on The Haunted Mansion to see The Hatbox Ghost three times. He was everything I was hoping for! He’s just gorgeous. I got to go on my favorite, Pinocchio’s dating journey. I watched the new Paint the Night Parade, which was stunning. People are nuts though. I heard people staked out their spots for the new parade right at 6am when it wasn’t even supposed to start until 8:50pm. I got there about 5 minutes before the parade started and I got a pretty decent spot. After the parade, I took advantage of extremely short lines for Thunder Mountain and watched the new Disneyland Forever fireworks show from the ride. It was so beautiful to watch from the ride and I walked right on it twice in 15 minutes. After that I made my way over to tomorrow land to watch The Avengers and Guardians of the Galaxy at the the old magic eye theater. I spent the last 5 hours of my day there watching movies so it was pretty chill and relaxing.
My over all opinions on the event are really positive. I was worried about the crowds because that’s a major trigger for my anxiety but I never once felt anxious or panicked during the whole time I was there. I never waited in long lines. The longest I waited for was 30mins for the movies. I feel bad for the cast members though. There are some people who just treat them so poorly and it’s not fair. They’re doing the best they can under the crazy circumstances of a 24 hour event to give you the best experience you can possibly get. Disneyland is nothing without the people who put on the show day in and day out. We should appreciate them more. 

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