So a lot has changed since I last blogged.

It has been an insanely long time since I’ve blogged and I know I’ve said this before but I promise I will blog daily now that some interesting stuff is going on in my life.

I now live in Monessen, Pa where I am attending the Tom Savini Special Effects Program at the Douglas Education Center. I live in a duplex with three other girls on my half. They’re awesome. I’ve had a terrible experience with roommates before but this is a total 180 from that. All the other houses on the street I live on look like haunted houses and it’s awesome!!

Now I’ll let me tell you about the school. This place is amazing. The town is unlike anything I’ve ever seen in California. It’s an old mining town and it just seems so grungy and industrial. I just love it!! The administration building is inside an old church and the inside looks like it’s straight out of a fantasy movie. I haven’t been inside the special effects building yet but the facade looks like it’s straight out of Hogwarts.

Today we just had orientation. It was pretty basic college stuff. After that we spent two hours talking to Tom Savini himself about his experience in the industry and what we could expect from the school. He answered everyone’s questions. It tripped me out though because he said I looked familiar and I’ve only met him before once at Monsterpalooza a couple of years ago. He’s a real stand up guy, not at all like what I was expecting.

I am so stoked to actually start class tomorrow!

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