I had my lunch all packed my shoes tied tight…

Yeah. I went back to school. Today’s classes were anatomy/anthropology and sculpting.

First off, let me just say the buildings that I’ve seen at the Douglas Education Center are so cool. I’m going to be a nerd for a second and say it’s like walking into Hogwarts. The entryway to the Savini Special effects building has some amazing artwork from students. It’s inspiring.

Anatomy and anthropology was first this morning. My teacher seems really cool. She invited the whole class to a haunted house tomorrow night. I’m looking forward to that. It should be fun to hang out with my classmates outside of school. She also took us to the computer lab and I finished my homework for next week.

After that my parents brought me lunch. They won’t be town much longer so I’m milking that as much as I can.

After lunch with my parents I had sculpting. I think it might be my favorite class of the semester. My teacher, Jerry Gergely, is awesome.  Today in class we focused a lot on anatomy, which is something my art needs a lot of help with. After class I showed him some of my past creature maquettes and z brush work. He really seemed to like it.

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