I hate to sound cliche but thank goodness it’s friday!

It has been a long, exhausting, amazing week.

Luckily I only had one class and a field trip today.

This morning I had cosmetic makeup. It was so much fun. We went over the usual first day of class stuff. You know, syllabus and all that jazz. After all that was said and done, we got down to business. Our first assignment was to do a clown makeup with cream stick makeup. It sounds easy but it wasn’t. We pretty much had to pull these designs out of our asses and cream sticks aren’t the easiest thing to work with. My partner had a beard so I went with a classic crying hobo clown inspired by Ivan Moody’s Hobo Clown in The Devil’s Carnival. I’m pretty happy with how my makeup turned out and my partner’s makeup on me turned out really well considering he’s never done makeup or face painting before. The teacher was super cool too.


My makeup on my partner.

My makeup on my partner.

my partner's makeup on me

my partner’s makeup on me

After class my parents picked me up and went to lunch. I fell asleep in the car while they ran some last minute errands before they leave town. Words cannot adequately express how thankful and grateful I am for them and everything they do for me. I don’t think it would have been possible for me to move cross country like this without them. I feel guilty because I’ve been exhausted the last few days and I’ve been snapping at them but I don’t mean to. Sometimes exhaustion gets the better of me.

After that they dropped me off at Castle Blood¬†where I met up with my anatomy teacher and some of my classmates. I have to say, I’ve been spoiled by haunts in Los Angeles. There is no better place for halloween events than L.A. Castle Blood was very cool to look at. The sets, the makeup, the costumes were all beautiful but they didn’t deliver on the scares. They definitely over did it on the drop door gag. While it wasn’t scary, it very interactive, which almost made up for the lack of scares. It was a good bonding experience. I had fun hanging out with my classmates there.

I am so glad tomorrow is saturday. I will be sleeping in tomorrow.

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