Sunday (not so)fun day (now with pictures)

My parents headed home this afternoon and I have mixed feelings about it. I love them and I am beyond grateful for all that they’ve done for me in order to be here but at the same time I’m also glad they won’t be hovering. On the flip side, I miss them terribly already. After they dropped me off at home last night I got really homesick. It sucks for now but give me some time and I’m sure I’ll be over it. I think them not being here will honestly be better for me. I don’t meant to sound ungrateful, because I’m not. I am fully aware of the fact that I couldn’t do this, that I wouldn’t be here, if it wasn’t for them and I cannot adequately express how thankful I am for them, for everything they’ve done for me the last week, and how much they mean to me. It’s just that in situations like this, I need to  make a clean cut so it I can readjust to being on my own again. Things were the same way when I moved to Los Angeles.

I didn’t really do much today. I slept in, talked to Tony, got a virus on my computer while trying to find a livestream of the Green Bay/49ers game, got rid of said virus with some much appreciated help from a lady at the apple store (Bless her for being able to do it over the phone. I don’t think I could handle getting to the apple store in pittsburgh yet), did some homework, and worked on organizing my desk and finishing unpacking. All in all an uneventful has been had so far. Nothing really worth blogging about.

What I really wanted to talk about today was the two haunted houses I went to in Los Angeles before I left. Brace yourselves. Haunt reviews are finally coming. Up first Halloween Horror Nights Hollywood and tomorrow I will talk about Knotts Scary Farm.

Los Angeles has my halloween heart and soul. It will forever be my favorite place in which to spend October. I went to Universal Studios Hollywood Halloween Horror nights opening night and Knotts Scary Farm opening night the following week. I love both events but I think Knotts was over all, hands down, the superior event this year and that’s say something because I always and still think very highly of Universal Horror Nights. They put on a pretty solid event this year but Knotts was just a better experience for me.

I think Universal made some interesting (questionable?) choices with their mazes this year. One that really piqued my interest/raised my concern was the 3d maze, This Is The End, based on the movie of the same title. It was the first maze we went through that nightMuch like other 3d mazes I’ve experienced, it wasn’t so much scary as it was cool to look at. It was very brightly colored and had some cool moments from the movie.

The second maze we went through was The Walking Dead Wolves Not Far. Unpopular opinion warning: I am burnt out as on The Walking Dead. Honestly, if I never see another walker at any halloween event, but especially at Horror Nights, it will be too soon. They hyped this maze up as being the largest  Walking Dead maze they’ve ever done and that may be true. It was big but it was also full of empty halls and there’s nothing that bums out me more than empty space in a haunted attraction. With that said, what they did have was pretty cool. I’m not sure if it was opening night issues or what but they definitely need to fill those empty hallways with something for it to be more effective.

Crimson Peak was the maze I was really looking forward to. It was beautiful. Guillermo Del Toro has never failed to please me visually with his movies. If this maze is any indicator, Crimson Peak will do the same. The gothic architecture just made the maze so ominous to me. There were some good scares in there too. Definitely didn’t disappoint. It made me even more excited to see the movie.

Maybe I am biased because Insidious is probably my favorite horror franchise of the last 10 years, but I really liked this one. It was pretty similar to the maze last year but they added some pretty cool stuff from the new movie. There’s one part where you’re in the further and you can’t tell who’s a mannequin and who’s an actual person until it’s too late and they’re jumping out to scare you. It was a good time.

I don’t really have much to say about AVP because it was exactly the same as last year. That alien queen in the last room still impresses me though. I love her.

Halloween: Michael Meyers Comes Home sort of felt like a greatest hits. It felt like they took all the really good scares from past Halloween mazes and made one super cut maze from it. That’s not a bad thing. It was one of the better mazes of the night but it still felt played out.

I was so stoked when I found out the Terror Tram was going to be The Purge  this year. It still followed the same formula as before but it was just so refreshing to see something other than walkers out there. It wasn’t necessarily better than The Walking Dead terror trams of the past but it was different and sometimes that’s all you need to freshen it up.

As far as scare zones go, I feel like it was hit and miss. Exterminatorz, Dark Christmas, and The Purge were pretty solid. Those three got some good scares from me. I love the stilt walkers in Exterminatorz and Dark Christmas and the fencing mask purger in The Purge. I love that they used Figure’s music again in Exterminatorz.  I could have stood in Dark Christmas all night. There were so many cool little details. However, I just found out that they had to pull the Damnation Army sign, which was a play on the salvation army, because someone complained. I know it was a corporate decision and I in no way blame the horror nights team for this but it still sucks. I thought the sign was funny. Glad I got a photo when I went. And that’s why I always go opening night. Not enough time for someone to complain and for corporate to make them make changes. Corpz, the WWII scare zone was rather disappointing. The masks were cool but I feel like the could have done a little bit more with the set and the costumes.

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