Thursday is the new monday.

I don’t mind mondays any more. I don’t have class until 2pm so mondays are great. Thursdays are the days that suck royally now. I am in class from 8:30am-7pm. I am exhausted.

Sooo….anatomy class is the worst. The teacher goes off on all the tangents that have nothing to do with the class. Like today we watched a video on body medication, which is cool and all, but has nothing to do with what we’re supposed to be learning. We also took a little field trip to the library, which is actually beneficial because we broke into our midterm project groups and started doing research.

In sculpting, Jerry just keeps upping the frustration for me. Today we started sculpting a steaming face with mouth open….beyond frustrating. I almost cried. It sucks. I’ve been sculpting since I was 9 years old. I’m 27 now. That’s 18 years. You would think it would be easier but no. I think it’s the trying to get the anatomy and symmetry correct is what’s so frustrating.

Also, my roommates are really cool for being so young. They always try to include me when they all hang out together and I really appreciate it, especially on thursdays.

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