Does anyone even read this?

I want this to look back on and feel like fuck yeah! I accomplished something! Do you know what I mean? I also feel stressed out about not blogging everyday and I know it’s all in my head because I’m fairly certain no one reads this anyway.

I took a personal/mental health day on monday and now I’m behind in sculpture. It’s stressing me out. I don’t really know where I’m going with this post….this week has been rather blah. I took my mental health day on monday, drove an hour to a book store where I bought $80 worth of Hawkeye comics. I then ate lunch all by my lonesome while listening to depressing music that didn’t help my mood. I did get new lipstick though! I love it so much. I got three of the new(ish?) Nyx liquid suedes. On tuesday in my foundations of special effects we made blood, worked on liver mortis and did half of our snap molds in class. Today I woke up with the intention of catching up with class work but ended up doing everything except that.

I just don’t know. My dad said if I’m not happy I should come home but I can’t give up. I will hate myself forever and feel like a fucking failure if I give up.

Maybe moving into the city would make a difference? but that would mean breaking my lease and I don’t know how expensive that would be.

Anyway! If you read this and you feel like it, leave a little encouraging comment. Let me know you’re there.

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14 Responses to Does anyone even read this?

  1. jackarcherx says:

    Damn it, she knows I’m here…..uhm…. uhm…. HI!

    No, seriously, you know I’m always rooting for you from here. Anytime you need an ear, you know where to find me and, trust me, I mean anytime. Be it 1 pm or 4 am, I’m always here ^_^; *hugs*

  2. ⓖⓘⓖⓘ says:


  3. I’m here and reading! Keep going, it will be with it x

  4. Aji says:

    I’m here! I’ve just been lurking.

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