Hello again.

So I have now been back home for about a week and a half and I could not be happier or more thankful to be here and alive.

I say that because I nearly died getting to the airport to get back to California. That may or may not be an exaggeration but it was honestly traumatic to me. Here’s the story. I needed a ride to the airport. So I went to the front desk to ask for recommended cab companies and they gave me this guy’s number.

My cab, and I use the term very loosely, came to pick me up. A guy with one arm (which is relevant to the story and the only reason I specify this) came and said he was here to take me to the airport. I had to load my own luggage into the unmarked car because he claimed to have just had back surgery and was unable to carry more than 5lbs. I don’t really think a thing about it and after being on the road for 30 minutes or so, he rear ended a truck. I could see it coming from a mile away and all I could do was brace myself. It was scary. I knew something was majorly fishy when we pulled over waiting to talk to the cops, and told me that if they ask I’m his friend and he’s giving me a ride to a friend’s house. So after we talked to the cops, we drove off. After about 15 minutes of driving on the highway, the hood flies up and hits the windshield. I was terrified and in shock. He pulled over and put the hood down. He proceed to pull over and put the hood down about every 15 seconds or so. While this was going on, my one armed, illegitimate cab driver felt the need to smoke a cigarette and text his girlfriend. In my head, I was furious. He was swerving into the oncoming lane. I was terrified and angry because this guy had no right  to put my life in danger like that. After a while he pulled over at a rest stop to try to get the hood to stay down. I asked him if I could just call another cab and he said no. So we get back on the road and we’re probably 15 minutes away and the hood flies up again. So finally, he gives up on trying to get it to stay down and drives the remaining distance to the airport, hunched over trying to look through the crack between the start of the hood and where it connects to the rest of the car. Needless to say, I have never been so happy to arrive at an airport.


My flight from Pennsylvania to Arizona arrived late. I had to run from one end of the terminal to the complete opposite end and let me tell you, running is no fun when you’re buzzed. I was in first class on that flight and I took full advantage of it. I made it to the gate with three minutes to spare only to realize some where between the plane from pittsburgh and the next flight, I lost my ticket. God bless the man at the gate, he just had me show my id and he printed my ticket again. This flight was uneventful. I’m just so happy to be back in California.

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4 Responses to Hello again.

  1. Aji says:

    As soon as you arrived at the airport, you should of cussed the driver out. Then, called the cab company and complained about him. That man had no business behind the wheel.

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