T’is the season…

So during the holidays I get a lot of anxiety. This year I’m starting to realize it’s all in my head. Due to some bullshit reasons, we had over 70 people at my parents’ house for Thanksgiving and I had drama going on with a cousin (which I will not get into detail about on such a public forum). I was really upset about it all. The anxiety was an all time high this year because at the time, I had only been home from PA for a few weeks. I was still feeling really down on myself. I was also afraid of having to explain to everyone why I decided to come back.

No one cared. No one cared enough to ask about it. All that anxiety was in my head. I’m working on overcoming it but it’s hard. I will say that despite the family drama and anxiety, I have been enjoying the winter/Christmas/holiday season a lot more than I used to enjoy it. I mean, what can really be so bad about a holiday that has a child eating, demon goat man? I am even liking christmas music a lot more. Christmas: A Ghostly Gathering by Midnight Syndicate has been my jam the past few days.  I’ve been working a pair of Krampus horns to wear to Disneyland this month. Life is good.

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