Today, I had the most disappointing lush bath I have ever had.

I want to start my new year strong with some solid blogging and social media presence. If you want to follow me on instagram or snapchat, just let me know. Due to past experiences with stalking, I will not be posting my user names on here. Feel free to ask if you want them. I post makeup looks, shenanigans and such on instgram and snapchat.

Anyway! I got the Magical Zoetrope gift box from Lush as a christmas gift. I’ve only used a few of the products so far and I must say, three out of the four I’ve used so far are fabulous. However, let me start this review with the one I’m not pleased with so far, the cinders bath bomb. I’ve used bath bombs before so I’m fairly certain they’re not supposed to behave like this but my Cinders bath bomb sunk to the bottom and completely fizzed out in less than 10 minutes. I don’t know if I waited too long after I bough it to use it or what but It was very disappointing. I also really didn’t care for the color. Does anyone really want to soak in a clear yellow bath? (Let’s be real here. We all know what that makes you think of.) It’s a shame though. I love the smell of it and the popping rock candy in it was really fun.  I really wanted to like it. I just couldn’t get 100% behind this product. This is the first (and I hope only) product from lush that hasn’t left me completely satisfied.

I also used the the pumice power foot soap. I really like this product. After years of wearing boots and neglecting my feet, they’ve become pretty rough but after only one use of this soap, I can already feel a difference. It smells so good too. I do suggest you be careful when using this item because once you get it wet, it tends to get kind of goopy rather quickly. Despite that, I really do like it and recommend to anyone with rough feet issues.

I don’t know about you, but I always rinse off my body in the shower after taking a bath. There’s something about boiling in your own filth soup that doesn’t seem very “clean” to me. So lately when I’ve been showering and after this bath particularly, I used the Beautiful shower gel. I haven’t even used everything in the box yet and I am 97% positive this is my favorite product. Looking at it in the bottle, it kind of scared me because it looked like there was so much glitter in it. However, much to my delight, it doesn’t leave too much of that behind. I’m not much of a glitter fan unless it’s in my eyeshadow. It’s got a really thick, almost jello like consistency. It’s not quite as thick as the shower jelly that came in the box but it’s certainly on the thicker side of gels. And the smell!!! Oh my goodness the smell!!! I use the phrase dirty hippy to describe it but it’s so good. The label says it has myrrh, apricot, and peach. It’s delightful. It makes my skin feel so soft too. I highly recommend this.

After a nice bath or shower, I usually like to put lotion on. Especially during the winter when my dry skin gets out of control. I’ve been using karma kream from my box since I opened it and it is lovely. It’s yet another lush product that makes my skin feel so good and smells fabulous. This one has patchouli, lemongrass, orange flower, and sweet orange. It’s heavenly. Patchouli can get overwhelming at times for me but the combination of scents in this are perfect. I love it so much.

So yeah. I’m thinking I might make lush bath posts a weekly thing. Sundays seem like a good day for a lush bath.


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  1. Aji says:

    I’m interested in looking at your instagram. Just e-mail me the link.

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