I have a new favorite lipstick…

And that is saying something because I love lipstick. It’s my absolute favorite makeup product.

I wasn’t planning on writing about this because I honestly wasn’t expecting to love it as much as I do but I just need to rave about it!

I have given myself the unofficial challenge of wearing a different lipstick everyday until I have worn every lip product I own, which is a major task because I own a massive amount of lip color. Yesterday’s color of choice was one that’s way out of my comfort zone but I fell in love with it. Nayeon from Kat von D’s studded kiss lipsticks is described as a “pitch black with gunmetal shimmer.” To me, it doesn’t read as a true pitch black. The gun metal shimmer is so intense that it comes across more as dark, cool grey and I am not even mad. It’s just so intensely shimmery. My only complaint is that even after you get all the color off, traces of the shimmer and again, I am not even mad. I just cannot get over how much I love this color. I highly suggest moisturizing your lips before and after wearing this particular color because it’s very drying. I’m not sure if it’s a fluke with the mi vida loca lipstick sets or if it’s just the color in general. I’ve read a few reviews that say there are some inconsistencies in the sample sizes that came in the mi vida loca set and the full size individual product. I only own the sample size that came in the set but I will report back on this once I buy and wear the full size.

I’m not sure if I’ll be writing about every single lipstick I wear in my quest to wear every lipstick I own but the ones that I really like will be blogged about.

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6 Responses to I have a new favorite lipstick…

  1. I love this line of lipsticks, and I really want to try this shade now!

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