Long time no blog!! 

My life has been consumed by working out, and for the past few days, having a sinus infection that is taking my throat and ear down with it. (I am blogging this from my iPhone because this sinus infection makes me not want to be upright to put that in perspective lol.) If you want to know more about my work outs, my gym, my trainer, or the supplements I take let me know! I’ve been thinking about blogging that stuff but I’m not sure if you guys wanted to read it so let me know.

But I actually just did a little beauty related experiment tonight and I know you guys like to read about that so thought I would do my duty and share my findings.

I love finding inexpensive beauty type things at the drugstore that double as more expensive things I find on the Internet. 

I’ve been wanting the sigma brush cleaning spa mat thingie for a while now but I am too damn impatient to wait for shipping. I found this at my local rite aide a couple of days ago and I thought it looked like little mini baby spa mat. ( I included the packaging in the picture so you know what to look for if you want to try it yourself.)

I finally got around to using it to clean my brushes tonight and I am pleasantly surprised. I’ve been using my beauty blender, contour, highlight, foundation and eyebrow brushes a lot lately so I thought I’d give them a bath and give this a try. I put some antibacterial soap on it and gave it a good scrub and it got a lot of residual product out on the first go. The only downside I really see in using this as an alternative is because it’s so small, I had to rinse off the dirty soap and put on some fresh soap a few times per brush. Even despite that, I feel like it sped up the whole process. It even got the stains out of my beauty blender. I highly suggest this if you’re interested in the sigma spa mat.

It’s  so simple to use. You just load it up with your brush cleaner of choice, and lather it up under running water until the water runs clear. The two different textures do a great job of getting the residual product out. 
So yeah! That’s what I’ve been up to lately! Working out and cleaning brushes lol. Let me know how you guys feel about potential workout posts or if not workout posts, let me know what else you want to see.

As always, I’m STILL toying with the idea of a YouTube channel. I’m just hesitant (maybe afraid is a better word?) because I feel like the YouTube community is so brutal and straight up mean. 

My question to those of you who have your own channels and put stuff up regularly is, how has your experience in YouTube been? 

Thanks for reading, guys. Love you all!!

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