Birthday makeup haul! 

So I did some birthday shopping with my lovely mother this past Wednesday for my birthday this upcoming Tuesday. Honestly, a lot of it was things I needed but since I share a lot of makeup related things on here, I thought why not share the things I got for my birthday? I’ve already used a few of the things but I will write another post with my more opinions and how they wear and such later.  


I went to the MAC counter at Macy’s first and oh my goodness!! The Vibe Tribe collection was the first thing to catch my eye. That packaging is just wonderful! I love the colors and patterns. I spent a lot of time swatching everything but ultimately, I ended up leaving with only the gleamtones powder. There’s four different tones in the compact and when you swirl them all together it makes just a heavenly, gorgeous highlight. Now I’ll be honest. I am not the biggest fan of MAC cosmetics but this powder called down to me from above and it’s gorgeous. I love the way it felt when I swatched it on the back of my hand and I very rarely say that about any MAC product. I’ll wear it this weekend and report back with my findings. (Yes I know my birthday isn’t until next Tuesday but my mama knows better than to deprive me of my new makeup.)

After we left the MAC counter, we made our way to Sephora. I went there with the intent of getting Dior Diorific plastic shine lip gloss in black after one of my Twitter followers (shout out to @razorcabron) suggested it but they didn’t have it. That’s not to say I left empty handed. Who leaves Sephora empty handed anyway?

 So I guess we can talk about my repurchases first. I got a full size bottle of the super goop setting spray. I have a travel size and I absolutely love it. The most appealing thing about this product for me was the fact that it has spf 50. A lot of the products I use that have spf max out at 30 so that is super cool. I also love the way it smells. It has Rosemary in it. So good. I like to spray a layer of the super goop, let it dry completely (it will burn the crap out of your eyes if you open them before its dry but if you let it dry completely, it doesn’t hurt at all) and then spray a layer of the urban decay setting spray. I pop the little travel size in my purse and reapply every two hours like reccomended. It was works great. It makes my makeup last longer AND prevents sunburn, which has always been an issue for me because I am the whitest Mexican I know. (Thanks mom for passing your pale girl genes down lol)

So gather round kids. Grab your juice boxes and carpet squares because I have a little story for you. So I was doing my makeup before we went shopping and putting on my lipstick. I wore too faced’s unicorn tears layered under kat Von d’s sexer. Such a great combo! I used the little sample size of sexer from the mi vida loca lipstick set. But back on topic now, so I was finishing my makeup and I went to put my lipstick in my purse. I dropped it. I fucking dropped one of my favorite lipsticks. The lid came off and the barely used actual lipstick product part of it broke off from the plastic tube. I was so sad. Luckily, they had it in stock at Sephora so I was able to replace it with a full size tube. Have you guys used this color?? It is a gorgeous hot pink with a super subtle dark blue, almost purple shimmer. Love it!! And that’s the end of story time. Now back to your previously scheduled haul! 

My last repurchase was a perfume. Elizabeth and James Nirvana Black has become one of my favorite perfumes since I bought a roller ball of it in Vegas. It’s the wonderful, dark, musky scent. It’s violet, sandalwood, and vanilla. It smells like leather to me. It’s delightful. So since I am almost out because I wear it every single day, I bought a full size bottle.

As for completely new things I got from Sephora, I got the Kat Von D metal crush eyeshadow in the color thunderstruck with the intent of using it has a highlight.  Now up until recently, I have been all about that matte life. Matte everything. Matte highlight, matte lips, matte eyes, matte skin. I got a bronzer and highlighter in my last two ipsy bags, so I’ve been experimenting with (and loving!!) more shimmery things and let me tell you!! Thunderstruck is gorgeous!!! It’s a metallic, pearly white but the intensity of the metallicness is just…I don’t even know how to describe it. It feels like butter when I swatch it on the back of my hand. I cannot wait to use it! 

I also got an algae and a lotus face mask as well as a rose lip mask. Let’s be real for a second. I don’t think I use face masks regularly enough to truly reap the benefits but I like them. Once again, I  will report back with my (not so) scientific findings once I use them.

The last thing I actually purchased was the Besame brightening violet powder. I’m on the fence about this one. While it really did brighten my face, it also left this unpleasant feeling. It wasn’t quite sticky but it was way different than my usual powder leaves my face feeling but how cute is their vintage inspired packaging??

 For my free birthday gift they also gave me a fresh soy face cleanser and a rose face mask. 

On Saturday while I was writing the bulk of this, a package from tarte came in the mail!! Now I’m not like a hardcore fan of specific youtubers or anything but a friend tagged me in an Instagram post regarding this palette and I needed it! The colors are everything!!!  Also what’s not to love about the packaging?? I’ve only used (and loved!) tarte’s lip products so I’m super excited to try out their eyeshadows and face stuff finally. Let me know if you guys want me to swatch or just do a full face with this.

But yeah! That’s the makeup portion of my birthday haul so far. Are you guys interested in seeing the clothes I got? Half of that is new leggings to work out in. Let me know if you want to see the clothes! My sense of fashion is kind of out there in the ether. I’ve been indulging my more Strega fashion tendencies as well as my vintage reproduction tendencies. 

Also, I need to follow more makeup and fashion people on Instagram and Twitter. So hit me up on there if you want. My Twitter is @thebluestfaerie and my insta is @wreckitjenn.

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2 Responses to Birthday makeup haul! 

  1. Thunderstruck is the most beautiful eyeshadow on this planet! Great post!

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