Deluxe Lucha Loot Unboxing. 

And a little bit of a life update. 

I meant to write this unboxing post yesterday but life hit me hard. Millie the blue nose pit bull, the dog love of my life, got into a brutal fight with another dog. I won’t go into detail but it was just horrendous. I was pretty shook up so I put off writing this until now. Also, I know I said I wanted to make “Paint your face like a luchador Saturday” a thing but I couldn’t this weekend because, long story short, I was hella busy doing awesome things.


Let me preface this unboxing by saying this isn’t a sponsored post.  A very kind friend (I won’t say who but he knows who he is and thank you again!) bought me a subscription to this monthly box.
Not many of my lovely readers know I have a passion for Lucha libre and indie wrestling. I have made so many amazing friends on Twitter through Lucha and one of them so kindly and generously got me a year subscription to the Loocha Loot box. Lucha Loot offers a standard box and deluxe box that comes with some extra goodies. My friend got me the deluxe. I’ll show you what’s inside. 

I was too excited to take a photo of everything in the box before I took it all out so forgive me. I feel like that’s an unboxing faux pas. The first things I pulled out of this box were this La Sombra  mask and tshirt. The tshirt was exclusive to the deluxe box. 

There’s also a copy of Rudo Can’t Fail. It’s a Lucha libre zine. I’ve only flipped through the pages, haven’t read anything in it yet but the stuff in it sounds cool. Also, the cover is pretty great. It has a Lego version of my man Pentagon Jr on it! 

They send you an autographed photo every month and this month it’s Rey Horus AKA Dragon Azteca, Jr from Lucha Underground. It’s a prett cool photo. 

I wasn’t familiar with The Mighty Luchador when I first got this next thing but I looked up their website to find out they are an art and vinyl toy  collective. I love their designs so this sticker may or may not already be on my hydroflask with my Pentagon Jr stickers. (Spoiler alert: he is.) There were three options for the sticker and I got Señor Fuego in mine. I just thought he was super cute.

The following things are exclusive to the deluxe box except the Mighty Luchador postcard. 

I’m a sucker for enamel lapel pins. I have Deadpool and the Lucha Underground logos on my leather jacket. So I feel like this Guerrero Maya Jr pin by Urban Aztec will feel right at home with them on my jacket. 

They also sent this Rey Mysterio wwe necklace in the deluxe boxes. Now if I’m completely honest, this isn’t something I’d wear. However, I’m planning on turning it into a keychain. It says 619 on the back, too.

Ok so they sent the Mighty Luchador postcards to everyone but the Lego Luchadores is in the deluxe box. There’s a person named Astrid who a lot of my friends on Twitter retweet. They do amazing custom wrestling Lego figures. I love the Lego Pentagon. 

And the last thing that came in my deluxe box was a tribute to Eddie Guerrero tribute DVD.

Over all I’m pretty pleased with this box. 

Thank you again to the friend who sent this to me. You’re kindness and generosity do not go unnoticed. 

What do you guys want to see me post about??? More makeup reviews? More wrestling? More Makeup looks? Help me out!

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