Tonight, I’m cleaning out my closet(s)…

Go ahead make Eminem jokes but for real!! I am cleaning out my closets.

Now don’t get the wrong idea. I have multiple closets in the new house because I got the smallest room with the smallest closet in the house. I also have a ton of clothes and 3/4 of them are still in boxes from when I moved back to my hometown from LA.


I think it’s really fun to go through my old clothes. It’s like time traveling. For example, I found my junior year (that was 11 years ago by the way) winter formal dress. It was this gaudy, to the ankle, crushed velvet Lipservice mess  with giant bell sleeves. My date and I looked like vampires. It was awesome. I am almost sad to get rid of it but it’s just too damn big now and let’s be real, I’m not into that Lipservice vibe any more. When I first bought it felt so grand and luxurious with all the crushed velvet, faux corset, and bell sleeves, but trying it on again nearly 11 years later, it just felt so cheap.

It’s crazy to see how I’ve evolved from this trad goth teenager to a vintage inspired adult. It cracks me up when I put it like that but that is a pretty accurate description of my style evolution.

To what would the time traveling closet cleaning bring you back? Would you be interested in knowing what other forgotten treasures I find while I clean out my closet? I’m curious! Leave your answer in the comments.

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3 Responses to Tonight, I’m cleaning out my closet(s)…

  1. Aji says:

    Find any skeletons? XD

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