Fun little zombie manicure. 

So a while back I got a Trust Fund Beauty nail polish in the color No Filter in an Ipsy bag. My immediate thought when I saw this color was, OH MY GOSH!!! IT IS THE COLOR OF ROTTING FLESH!!! That had me so excited! 

Trust Fund Beauty in No Filter

In reality, it’s a lovely pale pinky nude color with a grey-ish tone at the same time (I’m not really sure how to describe is but that’s how it looks to me.) but being the creepy goth kid at heart that I am, that’s what first came to mind.

I’ve been watching a lot of quicky type nail tutorials on Instagram and after a while of watching, I felt like I can do that myself. So today I bought the supplies necessary to do a zombie inspired gradient manicure, which was just cheap little makeup sponges and a blood red nail polish.  I know, what a terrible goth kid I must be to not have a blood red nail polish already in my collection. 


Let me preface this by saying I never paint my own nails. I always get French tip press on nails, paint them myself and apply them but only because I have an issue with getting sticky things on my fingers, I feel like they just look neater and better done this way, and because I simply feel like it’s easier for me to do it this way. 

Let’s get on with how I do this. Just a heads up, this will be mostly photos. 

I usually use Impress press on nails . They stay on the longest and do the least damage to my own nails

First, I found ten nails that actually fit my fat fingers. Once I made sure they all fit, I applied a thin coat of the nail polish. I let them dry for a couple of hours. I know that’s major overkill but seeing how I’m doing this on press on nails, I have the luxury of letting them dry completely without having to worry about smudging them. After that dried, I repeated that process with a second coat of the same color. 

This is what we have now. Now, I’ve never done a gradient nail this way until now so, be kind but here’s what I did. I painted a stripe of the blood red nail polish lon the edge of my sponge and sponged it on to the tips. It’s that simple. 
Here’s a photo of the finished product.

It didn’t quite have the gradient effect I was hoping for but I still think it looks awesome. It has that “trying to claw my way out of the casket” kind of vibe, which I dig.  

I am pretty sure I know why I didn’t achieve the desired gradient effect so I’ll be making a couple more sets by attempting different painting methods. I’m not sure if I’ll just write a whole new post or update this one but I will let you guys know how my next attempts turn out.

I’ll also update this with photos once I actually put them on. What do you think so far? How do you do your nails? Do you want to see more Halloween inspired nail posts? Let me know in the comments!

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