what if we really summoned Zozo??

So last night I went to my first haunt of the year, Knotts Scary Farm, with some awesome people. I will write a full review of the event once I’ve had time to recover from the night. Though one thing we experienced kind of  just bothered me on a deeper level than I am usually bothered by haunts. I’m usually not bothered by haunts at all like this. I get a few good startles, laugh it off, and that’s that. Haunts don’t usually come home with me the way this particular one did.

This particular experience was one of the up-charge skeleton key rooms and was based on the demon Zozo.  Don’t worry if you plan on going, I won’t spoil it for you. Long story short, it’s all about summoning the demon with spirit boards.

First off, I have major issues with spirit boards. I had a not so pleasant experience with one and now I don’t want anything to do with them and I feel like a lot of people have those type of experiences and feel towards spirit boards and that’s why this is such a successful scare.

First off, before entering, I was talking to one of the staff working the line. He told me all sorts of things about Zozo. He told me Zozo is real and there’s not a specific ritual or anything that you can do to summon him specifically. There’s (supposedly)a 1 in 50 chance that he may be summoned just by using a spirit board at all. You’ll know you summoned him when the planchette goes between the letters Z and O repeatedly. He also told me Zozo is an incubus. He’s attracted to females with the intent of impregnating them with his demon spawn.

Well that was all creepy and entertaining. I laughed it off thinking it was just part of the show. However, when I got home today, I googled Zozo out of curiosity and was really surprised by the amount of information I’ve found on him. Zozo has been documented as early as the 1800’s and as the use of spirit boards for entertainment has gone on the rise, so has the interaction of people with this demon.

Which raises the following question in my mind: What if Knotts unknowingly summons Zozo every night? Do they have a contingency plan in place in case they actually do? Am I the only who thinks about these things? These thoughts are part of what made me love the Zozo skeleton key room so much.

Are you going to Knotts Scary Farm? What about any other haunts? And how do you feel about spirit boards?? Leave a comment


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