Yes Sorry for the absence! 

As always, been dealing with some emotional shit but I’m starting and/or trying to feel better. Enough about sad stuff!! On to fun things!!

I was wondering if you guys could give me some opinions. 

First question (kind of a multi part question lol): I really want to do some Halloween makeup looks. I’m just curious to know if you guys would rather have more 2 dimensional, paint based looks, or would you rather have the full on, 3dimensional prosthetic? Which do you guys who read this have better access to?  If I’m going to post a look, I’d like for you guys to be able to recreate it if you wanted to. 

Second: I’ve been having trouble finding a job (which is part of the previously mentioned emotional shit) so I’ve decided to start selling prosaide transfers and silicone molds online. I’ll go more in depth on what a prosaide transfer is, how it’s applied, and taken off once I get started sculpting. I just want to know what kind of smaller wounds or effects would you want to buy? 

Seriously! I need answers! 
Thanks for reading. 

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