Just a quick Ipsy post…

I don’t usually review Ipsy bags but cannot get over how stinkin cute the October ipsy bag is!!!!! I love Valfre and its the right amount of spooky sassy and cute! I just love it! That I didn’t want this to be a short post so I thought why not review this one? 

So cute!!!

On a more review-y type note, I am kind of bummed out by some of the products in it. First of all, they sent me a foundation shade that was too dark. I though oh maybe I could use it as a contour. Nope, too orangey. It’s a shame because I do like the formula. The little eye shadow duo I got only one quarter disappointed me. It comes with a dark brownish, almost black shade and creamy, slightly off white shade. The texture of both is amazing. It felt so buttery when I swatched it. The dark shade is very pigmented but the light shade, and I don’t know if this is just my skin tone or the product, didn’t show up at all on me. 
I also got a moisturizer, which I tried out last night and it’s pretty standard. It felt really good on my face after I washed it. Didn’t leave my oily skin sections oily. I’d purchase a full size. 

I also got an eyeliner and lipstick that I haven’t played with yet but I will update this as soon as I do.

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