New Year’s Resolutions…

I know it’s still the middle of December but I’ve been getting a head start on my new year’s resolutions. I started a new diet/meal plan, I’ve stepped up my workout routine, and I’m trying to be more organized starting with writing everything down in a planner and on my calendar on my phone so I don’t forget, and I just want to have a general increase in my productivity.

So, in keeping with that, I’ve also decided to start blogging more regularly. I have said that 2093472039847230984 times, I know, but I’m going to make a serious effort to post at least 3 time a week. I have so much more to write about these days. My new diet and work out plan, makeup related things, the possibility of a youtube channel, wrestling, and just my life in general. I am seriously trying to turn over a new leaf and be more productive.


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