Happy new year everyone!

I can still say that because this is my first blog post of the new year….right?

Here’s my new year’s resolution.

New Year's resolution 2017

New Year’s resolution 2017

Let’s talk about New Year’s Eve. The party I went to was weird. However, I am happy to report I only drank the equivelant of half a shot of tequila that night and yet, things still got weird for me. People were invited by a significant other (who doesn’t even live in the house) of my best friend invited people who the core group of friends didn’t even know. I don’t want to go into detail but it was just weird.

The last couple of days were really fun for me. These are the last few days before my little sister goes back to law school and I got to spend them with her. We went to Disneyland and Universal Studios. I just love spending time with her. It’s always so much fun. We did nothing but take pictures and go on 4 rides at Disneyland on Tuesday. We also had a delicious dinner at cafe orleans.

Yesterday at universal, we took pictures in Hogsmeade, took a look at the amazing Laika exhibit they had,  and went on one ride before we went to Lush to take advantage of their after christmas sales, about which I will probably make a separate post because if I write about all of the goodies I got here, this post will just be too long.

I just want to talk about that Laika exhibit. As a fan of the movies this studio has made, it was so cool to see the puppets and pieces of the set so up close. They weren’t behind glass so I got really up close and personal with some of my favorite pieces. They were the actual puppets used to make the movies that I love so dearly. It was great. I also got a mug with my all time favorite Laika movie on it.

Also, here’s a photo of me hanging out in Norman’s bedroom. I fangirled a little bit. My love for ParaNorman runs deep.

Tell me how your new year’s was! Did you do anything fun? What are your resolutions?

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