I hereby declare 2017 the year of better self care.

It’s still January. Its not too late to post this, right?? 


I have really neglected my self care the last couple of months. I just get so depressed that it just isn’t a proiority but that’s going to change! 

To me, I view the term self care as anything that helps me feel better. A lot of my new year’s resolutions fall under that category. So here’s the list. 

  1. Lose more weight.
  2. Use all my bars of fancy soap and bath bombs.
  3. Be more organized.
  4. Pet more cats and dogs. 
  5. Be happier. 

I’ve been working out consistently since March of last year and I’ve been sticking to this new diet for a few weeks now. So this isn’t much of a new thing but I feel like if I say it, I’m more likely to do it. I’ve already lost close to 40lbs since I’ve started and my body fat has gone down significantly. I’m not so concerned about getting skinny as I am about getting healthy. I work out with my trainer twice a week. I do yoga once a week. I work out by myself the rest of the week. So I feel like this one will be easy to achieve. I don’t have like a set number I want to reach or a deadline. I just don’t want to stress out over it. My specific health and fitness goals are to be able to do a headstand in yoga by the end of the year and to run a 5k in November. All in the name health! 

All this working out physically stresses my body out so (at least) once a week I take a fancy bath with either a bath bomb or bubble bar, and on days when I don’t take a bath, I shower with my fancy, good smelling soaps. It’s just a good and simple way to recharge after a hard work out. Also, if you see me posting about new lush stuff before I use the stuff I already have, tell me no. I need to use this stuff first.

I’m trying really hard to be more organized. I started this resolution a couple of months early. I write everything down in my calendar on my phone, and in my planner. I even set reminders on my phone. It helps me be less stressed out.

Petting more cats and dogs has been a new year’s resolution for me for a few years now and it’s just been a major stress reliever and source of happiness. 

All these goals are really just to make to make myself happier. 

What are your New Years resolutions? 

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