Fancy Bath Stuff Inventory

I am writing this so you guys who read me can help hold me accountable. Also, so I can stick to my resolution to be more organized. 

Lush and just bath things in general have become an overindulgence of mine. After a tough workout, I love nothing more than to crank on the hot water in the jacuzzi tub and drop in a bath bomb. It’s so relaxing. I feel like if I have a list of everything I have, I’ll be more inclined to check things off as I use them. Also, there’s a couple of shops I bought from that aren’t lush that I would love to bring attention to.  


  • I got a magical smelling bar of soap from Spellbound Herbs in Cumbria, California. This little shop is just full of magical things and this bar of soap is one of those things. It’s just so beautiful and sparkly. I call it fairy soap. It smells like pine trees. I love it.
  • I have two delightful smelling bars of Nio handmade soap that I got from a little Christmas market in a park in New York City last month. They smell heavenly. 
  • I got a candy cane roulade from the lush Boxing Day sale. I’m a sucker for minty things and not to mention it just looks so cute.
  • Also from the Boxing Day sale, I got a ton of soap samples. So I’m not really sure which soaps specifically they are but they’re colorful and smell so good. 

Bubble Bars

  • My mom’s best friend has three daughters who have been a part of my life since day one literally. So we do a secret Santa with them. One of the gifts I got in this exchange was the magic wand bubble bar. This is probably one of my favorite scents from Lush. Do you remember those overly sweet bubble gums you used to chew as a kid? The ones that tasted so good but lost their flavor in like 5 seconds? It smells like that but it lasts way longer than 5 seconds AND it’s so sparkly! I love it. It’s in the shape of a star and turns your bag a lovely shade of pink and fills it with an insane amount of bubbles. Love the bubble bars! 
  • Also from the Boxing Day sale, I got two jester bubble bars. These ones smell a little citrusy. It’s in the shape of a red and yellow little jester with a pink little face that reminds me of Thomas the Tank Engine. I have used those yet but once I do, I’ll post my opinions.

And now everyone’s favorite bath things, bath bombs.

  • While I was in NYC last month, we discovered a store called Rain. I don’t know how else to describe this shop except as lush for adults. Everything smelled so good but it was all earth tones instead of bright colors. I got 4 of what they call butter balls. It’s essentially a bath bomb with a ton butters for your skin. I haven’t used them yet but I’ll post my opinions when I do. 
  • I got three bath bombs from the Boxing Day sale. Lord of Misrule, which I love and get every Christmas, the experimenter, which I personally haven’t tried yet but I love watching demos of it, and a star shaped one called Star Dust. It smells so sweet and heavenly. 
  • Then on my most recent trip, I got frozen and twilight. I haven’t used either of these before but they smell so good and the lady who helped me said they’ll help cheer you up.

Miscelaneous things

    • I also got my first solid perfumes from lush on my most recent trip. I got death and decay, which smells like funeral flowers, and all good things, which to me smells like candles and incense burning in a church. I love them. Layering them together is the way to go. The smell evolves as you wear it through out the day. When you first put them on, it’s very musky and it gets sweeter and more floraly as it stays on your skin longer. I love it.
    • I also go the 93000 miles shower jelly. The cinnamon is supposed to help sore muscles. So I figured it would be perfect for after a workout.

    So that is my bath supply Inventory. If you’d like me to use anything specific, let me know. I’d be happy to share opinions with you. Maybe I’ll post some demos if there’s any interest. Let me know! 

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