So majorly disappointed in myself guys….

So this weekend, despite telling myself I wouldn’t until I used up everything I already had, I took a day trip to the universal city walk with my best friend mainly just to go to lush. We went into some other shops and had Italian food for lunch as well but our main focus was lush.

I’m pretty proud of myself though!! I only bought three things, two of which were from the Valentine’s Day range. I got the lover lamp and the infamous unicorn horn and another twilight bath bomb from their permanent range. I also found out that my ladybug bubble bar that I’ve been dying for will be around until Mother’s Day. So I don’t feel as stressed out about getting that one right away.

But yes. A few hours out of town with my best friend was so much fun. I really needed it.

As always, I will post more in depth reviews as I use the products. I usually post sped up bath bomb videos on Instagram but I can post them at normal speed on here if there’s any interest. Just let me know! 

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