Starting a new project

I have a fairly large pouch filled with perfume samples, roller balls, and oils that I’ve accumulated over a large period of time. So, much like my quest to wear every lip product I own before I repeat one, I’ve decided I’m going to wear a different perfume everyday until I wear them all once. I’m going to go in blind, pull one out, and wear it no questions asked. Like perfume roulette if you will. I also thought it would be fun to take notes on the scent and how it evolves through the day. 

I’m just trying to come up with fun things to share with you guys. I just haven’t been wearing makeup as often as I would like so I haven’t been posting as often. I’m trying to change that. 

Yesterday I wore Dolce by Dolce and Gabbana. It’s very floral and light. Very different from the darker, musky scents I usually go for but I like it. It’s described as a gentle, feminine, mix of white florals. Not sure what white florals consists of but this is a very nice perfume. It got more subtle and sweet the longer I wore it. Overall I liked it. 

I think I’m going to call this series of posts Perfume Roulette. What do you think? 

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