I cheated on Lush!

I am die hard lush fan. I can honestly say 99% of my bath stash consists of lush products. However, while I was in NYC this past December, I accidentally discovered a magical shop called Rain. I don’t know how else to describe it as except for as lush for grown ups. The color palette of the shop and of the products  was much more subdued. The scents are equally delightful as lush but they’re just not as brightly colored. 

I got four of what they call butter balls. They’re essentially bath bombs with extra ingredients that are super good for your skin. I used my first of the four yesterday and I just love it so much. 

I used the Tea flower butter ball and it was wonderful. First of all, it fizzed just like a lush bath bomb. I wasn’t expecting much color pay off but once it finished fizzing I was pleasantly surprised. It turned my bath this wonderful golden color with little bits of tea flower floating in the water. The tag had an Alice in Wonderland quote on it. “‘Take some more tea,’ the March hare said to Alice.” So I took this bath a very Wonderland mindset. It was like soaking in a giant cup of earl grey tea. And the scent! Oh goodness the scent was amazing. It has a very fresh, clean laundry type of floral scent. It was like a slightly less fruity, more floral earl grey tea type of scent. It stayed on my skin forever. The only slightly negative thing is after I got out of the bath, it made my skin feel very itchy. It feels so soft to the touch but it’s also itchy. My skin is super sensitive so my reaction probably isn’t the norm but I still like to warn you guys when this happens. Also, because of the little bits of tea flowers, clean up is a pain in the butt. I ended up taking a quick rinse in the shower after scrubbing all the floral remains from the tub to get the floral bits off myself. Despite the clean up and skin issues, I highly recommend this butter ball. 

Have you guys ever heard of this shop? Have you used their products? Let me know what you think.  

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