A little life update…

Hi guys.

Just thought I’d fill you in on what’s going on with me in effort to start posting on here regularly again. Let’s start with the good news first!!

I’m going to Disney World and Universal Orlando on monday!! I am so excited to be spending my little sister’s spring break there with her. This trip has once again inspired me to toy with the idea of starting a youtube channel. I thought, what is a better way to jump into the youtube world than with a some vlogs? So I will be filming during the trip. I’m not 100% sure if I will be posting it. It really just depends on how it all turns out. Give me some feed back on this idea!

Now the bad news.

My lower back has been so messed up lately. It’s messing with nerves and it causes pain from lower back, through my butt, down my hips and legs, to my ankles. I’m seeing a chiropractor about it and he’s helped a lot. Also, my trainer has been very supportive and helpful in tailoring a workout plan that will strengthen my back muscles without hurting them further. It sucks so badly. My back hurts worst when I’m sitting still or trying to sleep so I’ve also been seriously sleep deprived. It sucks but I’m seeing a chiropractor who I really like and my trainer is being super awesome so I’m well on the way to getting it back on track.

what’s up with you guys?

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