Lush Bath of the Day 3/18/17

So I haven’t had a Lush bath in a while and I was home alone Saturday,  so I thought it was the day to have a Lush bath.

A couple of months ago, my dear friend Jeff and I went to the Lush shop. I was feeling really depressed and I asked one of the employees if she had any suggestions for bath bombs that would help with that. She suggested Frozen.

 It has notes of Neroli and rose oil but it doesn’t smell super florally to me. When I put it in the bath, it instantly smelled of fresh, clean laundry. The scent was just so calming. It made it very easy to let it go and ignore everything while I was the tub. ( I couldn’t resist a frozen pun) And the color!!! Oh my goodness, the color!!! It was the gorgeous turquoise blue full of glitter! It bubbled really well when I turned on the jets too. I wish Lush would make a solid perfume of this scent. At the time of publishing this, my bed is still  covered in glitter from this bath. 

I took so many pictures and took some video of  it fizzing so I just made a little video. Let it go was too obvious of a choice for music. Instead I chose a song from Frozen that I love and feel is underrated. I also included two stills of the water with the flash so you can see how glittery it was and without so you could see the gorgeous true color. I love it!! I’m sorry Lord of Misrule but Frozen is my new favorite bath bomb! ​12/10 do reccomend!!

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