We’ll always have that place off Ocean Avenue…

Yellowcard is my #1, all time favorite band. I’ve been listening to them since I was a kid. I’ve been going to their live shows for the last 5 years. Their music has gotten me through so much. I know it sounds cheesy, but they were they for me in some of my darkest moments. They’re a big part of the reason I’m still here today. The depths of the gratitude and love I feel for this band are unfathomable.

So, to be at their last LA show and see them play my favorite album, Ocean Avenue, in it’s entirety for the last time was such am emotional experience. I was simultaenously so excited to see my favorite band, and so sad to see it end. I am so glad my best friend was there to hold my hand while I cried during my favorite songs. It was just a flood of joy and excitement while they were playing, but when it was over, it was like, wow this is really over?

I had the best time of my life singing my lungs out with them last night. A lot of my favorite concert memories are from this band. I’ve only seen them live 7 times and each time was special and unique. The first time I ever saw them live was at Warped Tour 2012 in Ventura, California. That in and of itself was an amazing experience but seeing them perform on the main stage and getting their autographs were the absolute best part. Waiting to meet the guys outside the House of Blues on sunset after an amazing show was so much fun. Seeing them in Vegas at the boulevard pool at the cosmopolitan will forever be one of my favorite shows. The venue was so cool and it was amazing to look up and see them on the marquee. Getting VIP at the Vinyl at the hard rock in vegas was another great memory. I remember getting our photo taken with the band, standing next to LP and Sean came next to me and something along the lines of let’s cuddle and we did for four glorious seconds while we took that picture.  I will always cary these amazing memories, and and the love for the music in my heart.

Meet and greet at the vinyl at the hard rock in vegas

Got this at the show last night,

Outside the House of Blues on sunset blvd

We’ll always have that place off ocean avenue.

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