The Fizzy Filly 

This past weekend, I went to my first Bay Area Brony Spectacular convention. I don’t by any means consider myself a “brony” but I will say, everyone I spoke to was so nice and welcoming. They made me feel less out of place. I hung out with them, played table top games with them, and never once did anyone ridicule, chastise, exclude, or mock me. They were quite seriously some of the nicest people I’ve ever met at any convention, and I’ve been to a lot so that’s really saying something.

In the vendor hall, they had people selling art, glassware, and plushes. I even found a booth selling my weakness, bath bombs. The Fizzy Filly etsy shop is currently on break but they have some amazing smelling fandom themed bath bombs. I got way too many full size, a fandom box of 4 My Little Pony bad guy themed bath bombs, a sugar scrub, and got a couple of mini bath bombs. I got the mini bath bombs in the Steven Universe scent and used them in the hotel bath just to test them out. I can’t find a description of this particular sent scent but it was very sweet and fruity, very refreshing. I was particularly impressed by these because they were tiny and yet they still turned the whole bath a beautiful turquoise blue, they didn’t stain, and they didn’t react badly with my skin, which is something I’m always concerned about when buying bath bombs from independent shops. I will post individual reviews of each bath bomb and the scrub as I use them.

A big part of shopping at cons besides finding cool fandom products, for me at least, is being able to interact with the people who create these things. I spoke to three different people at this particular booth and each one of them was so nice and seemed very passionate about their product. Their products and customer service are great. I highly recommend them.

Do you have any suggestions for independent shops that sell bath products?

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