Spellbound Herbs

So I finally started using the pine scented soap I got from Spellbound Herbs in Cambria, California way back in November. I had a  very hard time making myself use it because it’s such a pretty bar of soap. I’ve used it a few times now and I feel I can give my honest opinion on it.

I love it. It makes my whole bathroom smell like a pine forrest. It makes my skin feel so soft, and it’s just a pretty bar of soap at which to look. I call it my faery soap. It seriously seems like the kind of thing faeries would use in the shower. It lathers so thickly and  luxuriously.  I’d say it’s definitely on par with Lush bar soaps. I would recommend checking out Spellbound Herbs to everyone. It’s such a cute little shop full of so may different things. Soap, incense, oils, books, and herbs. I want to go back.

Unrelated to soap, I’ve been thinking about updating my camera so I can take better quality photos for the blog. I’m interested in something that will be good for both still as well as video because I’m forever toying with the idea of starting a YouTube channel. Any suggestions?

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