What’s in my shower?

I got this idea from a youtuber, GwenInRealLife, I found her while surfing youtube trying to fill the Lush shaped hole in my heart. I haven’t bought anything new from Lush since February or early March but I digress. Being a big fan of fun bath and shower things, I thought it would be fun to share the things I use regularly. I take showers more often than baths so I won’t be including bath bombs and bubble bars in this post.

I guess I’ll start with the boring stuff first and get that out of the way first. I use plain old Head and Shoulders 2 in 1 to wash my hair once every 4-5 days purely because it’s the only thing that doesn’t set my scalp on fire. I’ve noticed the longer I go days between washings, the better my natural curls look without any product. Also, just to be clear, just because I don’t wash my hair everyday, doesn’t mean I don’t shower everyday. I work out 6 days a week. You can bet your ass I shower everyday. Again, I digress. I’m open to suggestions for shampoo and conditioner that won’t make my skin itch and burn if you have any.

And now for the fun stuff: Lush products!

As I’ve mentioned before, I work out 6 days a week. So naturally I had to have the 93000 miles shower jelly since it claims to help sore muscles. I can’t say if I honestly notice a difference in how my muscles feel after my post workout shower, but I can honestly say that I love this product. It smells like cinnamint gum, which I find reinvigorating after a tough workout. It has eucalyptus, mint, and cinnamon in it. Also, its freaking jiggly jello soap!!! How fun is that? The correct answer is very fun.

Also from Lush, I have the remnants of a candy cane roulade from the 2016 christmas range. I feel like it’s an underrated product. It makes my skin feel so soft, softer than any lush bar soap, or any bar soap in general for that matter. The scent is what really drew me to this soap. It’s sweet peppermint and I absolutely love it. I want more things with a similar scent in their permanent range please! I feel like it’s more of a solid body conditioner than just a soap. I can’t get over how good it makes me skin feel. 

I also have a little sample nub of bar soap that I got while shopping at lush during the boxing day sale. I’m not sure what kind of soap it is because it wasn’t labeled or anything but I’m not sure if I like it. It has big chunks of what I think are nuts. I’m not sure but whatever they are they hurt my skin. 10/10 do not recommend. It gets all weird and flakey after every time it dries out after I use it. The scent is really the only thing I like about this. It reminds me of a tootsie roll. 

I just replaced my sample nub of lush soap with this little beauty. I haven’t used it yet but the scent reminds me of the avo bomb. I’ll post a more in depth review once I’ve used it a few times. It’s smells super good and I love the colors.

The last two products I have in my shower aren’t from Lush but I’d say they’re right on par with equivalent Lush products. 10/10 do recommend checking out these shops!

I just posted a full review of this bar of soap not too long ago so this will be short and sweet but seeing how it’s currently in my shower, I had to include it. I love my magic faery. It makes my whole bathroom smell like a forest. It lathers so thickly. Spellbound Herbs, the shop I got it from, is amazing and full of cute magical things and garden things. You should check it out if you’re ever in Cambria, California.

The last product I have in my shower is a sugar scrub from The Fizzy Filly in the Queen Chrysalis’s Love Spell scent, which I believe was sold exclusively at BABScon 2017. I can’t say for 100% sure but I want to remember them saying that when I was blowing all my con budget at their booth. I’ve only used it as body scrub once but The Fizzy Filly etsy page says their sugar scrubs are gentle enough to use as a face scrub. I’ll post a more in depth review of this scrub once I’ve used it more and once I’ve used it as a face scrub. The sugar granules are some how simultaneously small but still big enough to really exfoliate and soften my skin. It also smells really good. I’m not 100% certain of the scent notes but it’s fresh and reminds me of summer. It looks beautiful too. It’s turquoise and lime green swirled together.

Those are the things that I’ve been using on the daily in my shower. I try to rotate and switch up what I use between these. I will update this once I add more to the mix.

Thanks for reading this novel of a post. If you’ve made it this far, tell me what your favorite flavor of popsicle is.

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