Halloween To-Do List 2017

Don’t tell me it’s too early for this because I won’t listen!!

I’ve decided, that since I’m trying to be a more organized adult and actually plan things on paper these days, that I would actually write down everything I want to do this halloween season. I’m pretty proud of myself because it’s only september 12th, and I already have a couple of things checked off.  I’m also planning to write posts about the things I complete off the list as I complete them because I have just been in a difficult place the last few weeks and nothing motivates me like Halloween. If you want to see what I’ll be doing for the next couple of months, just keep on reading!

Halloween To-Do List 2017

  • Watch the new It movie [X]
  • Go to Universal Studios Halloween Horror Nights [X] (I  just got my opening night ticket!)
  • Go to Knotts Scary Farm [ ]
  • See Elvira at Knotts Scary Farm [ ]
  • Go to Los Angeles Haunted Hayride [ ]
  • Get a pumpkin at the pumpkin patch [ ]
  • Carve said pumpkin [ ]
  • Host a horror movie night [ ]
  • Throw a costume party [ ]
  • Pick costume for said part [ ]
  • Have one pumpkin spice latte  and a pumpkin cream cheese muffin[ ]
  • Go to all of the Halloween stores [ ]
  • Get one of everything from the Lush Halloween range [ ]
  • Write more costume and (Halloween) makeup blog posts [ ]
  • Decorate for Halloween [ ]
  • Write more posts about the things on the list as I complete them [ ]

Halloween is my favorite time of year! What are you planning to do this season? Tell me in the comments! I love hearing about what other people, especially people outside of southern California do for halloween! Follow me on Instagram, @Jennala0M to creep vicariously on my Halloween adventures! 

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5 Responses to Halloween To-Do List 2017

  1. Aji says:

    No plans yet. Will probably end up doing nothing.

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